Peter Coulson workshop and portfolio builder

Back in 2017 I caught wind of Peter Coulson coming to Brisbane for workshops and a portfolio building session; and having been a massive fan for quite some time, I jumped at the chance of attending. I even splurged out for the entire workshop – a session on using flash for portraits at night, natural light portraits during the day, studio techniques and the last day was a portfolio builder.

Peter has been a photographer I have admired for quite some time, because his work is so unique in the best way possible. The work for which he is most well known is his stunning black and white portraits, and it’s no secret I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from him. The best lessons I’ve learned from him though is undoubtedly how he handles and shoots his models. Peter’s photos are all about a connection to the model. A mood, an emotion, a deep, deep connection through the eyes. His mission is to present the real person through the photograph, and not some tacky, clichéd pose. How did he sum this up? He said you should be aiming to take a photograph that in decades to come, that persons kids should be fighting over when they’ve sadly passed away. Authenticity, it beats something fake any day of the week.

The following are pictures that I took during the four days working with some absolutely amazing models, including some BTS!



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