Mae, goddess of flour

Continuing with my current theme of delving through the archives, this was another shoot done in early 2016. It was actually the day before I was due to leave on my first trip to Thailand, and the opportunity came up to shoot with Mae – formally a Toowoomba local but had since moved down to Brisbane.

Mae was an accomplished dancer, and I absolutely loved her work I had seen before meeting her. Mae was wondering if it was possible to do a flour shoot – very popular around the time, and I leapt at the chance. I learnt so much from this shoot I couldn’t possibly talk about all the lessons learnt and still keep this a short blog post, so let’s just say it was a fantastic experience for me! My shooting and editing techniques have come a long way since this shoot, but it’s still hands down one of my favourite. Thank you Mae, for choosing my garage to flour-bomb!

Model: Mae – Instagram

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