Personal Projects Photography Shoot

Some time in 2018 I discovered a great group on Facebook for SE-QLD models and photographers called Personal Projects Photography. The group did regular meet-ups where a theme would be picked and a three hour shoot followed at a pre-determined location. The numbers of Photographers and Models are capped to ensure it doesn’t get too crazy, and the numbers of models are further split into under and over 16 years of age groups.

I often find that group shoots like this are never 100% as successful as organised one-on-one shoots due to the inherent nature of group shooting, but they’re amazing for a lot of other things. Networking comes to mind first and foremost, and developing an ability to think on your feet second.

Thirdly… funny behind the scenes shots! I’ve learned that one of the models here, Madi, is especially good at funny photos because she usually hates wearing shoes – and then she wonders why she keeps standing on sharp rocks. I guess you can’t be talented AND smart? ?



  • Jemima (flowery top) – Instagram
  • Vicky (yellow one-piece) – Facebook
  • Madi (Beach Vibes top, then Aus flag and purple sarong) – Instagram
  • Jaimee (Wave Zone top) – Instagram

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