Aurea in Rio de Janeiro

August 2019. I had flown to Brazil to catch up with my partner and her family, and see Brazil for the first time! With two weeks traveling around the huge country, we thought for-sure how amazing it would be to do a photoshoot with a local model. My partner Deb sent a few messages to friends of hers in Rio and one of them put us in contact with Aurea. We arranged to shoot for a couple of hours with Aurea at Praia Vermelha (Red Beach), overlooking the famous Sugarloaf Mountain and not far from the famous Copacabana.

Aurea spoke some English, but with Deb being a native Portuguese speaker, it didn’t matter. As well as putting her usual assistant hat on, Deb also acted as translator for us, which was apparently a tiring job! At one stage towards the end of the shoot, Aurea tried to relay something to me through Deb, but Deb simply looked at me and repeated the message in Portuguese! She soon remembered I was the gringo that needed everything in English if I was to understand it. One job… 😉

The shoot was a resounding success. We had a great afternoon with Aurea, and I think the photos prove it. It was great to fill some gaps in my portfolio with some more lifestyle-centric photos, as well as get some amazing portraits with the backlit sun. A massive “Obrigado!” goes to Aurea for meeting with us that day and being such an amazing model! I’ll definitely be following her modelling journey from here-on-in.

Model: Aurea – Instagram

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